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Hello Everyone, I am very pleased to be creating this website. If you do not know me, or if you do, here's just some routine information about me.

I'm Katt, obviously that isn't my real name, but due to privacy and protection I have claimed this name as my electronic signature. I am an avid fan of music, my favorite genres include, Visual Kei, Rock, Metal, Punk, and pretty much anything and all. Although my passion of music sparked when I first listened to several over-driven guitar effects from some of the songs on The Beatles' albums.
Revolution is my favorite song by them, and it created my love for the hard and heavy sound that I am familiar with today.

As I advanced in age, and the increase of the late 2000's emo and pop punk sound decreased, it was increased in familiar play with me, songs such as Green Day's Jesus of Suburbia, and Avril Lavigne's hits etched a clear aesthetic that fished me in. The style of dyed hair, black ascents, and non-conforming makeup by the use of males greatly intrigued me. No matter what age I turned to, I always found the ideals of alternative feminine fashion by musicians to greatly interest me. When I first discovered Visual Kei, It was 2012, It was two years before I had any commitment to being an obsessive fan of Japanese music culture. What got me into the genre was several aspects, the first being me listening to several Japanese anime openings, which utilized many different visual kei bands as openers.

Arguably my first contact to any sort of Japanese music, was in fact a Naruto Opening, and a Yu-Gi-Oh Opening. The first being Hound Dog - ROCKS, which sparked my interest in Japanese Rockabilly, and Bosozoku car culture. At this time I was listening to the bands such as, Tomoyasu Hotei, Monkey Trick, and Hound Dogs on repeat, although as I tried to expand my palette on this awesome style of the Japanese twist of American 50's Rock N' Roll, I remembered another opening that I viewed in the early 2000s, the previously mentioned Yu-Gi-Oh Opening, by the band WANDS, sparked a great interest in me because they participated into an underground Japanese fashion staple, Visual Kei.

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